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Kent Broussard & Jules Egren

Fest Co-founders

NOLA Mac n' Cheese Fest was the brainchild of the wonderful Kent Broussard and Jules Egren.  It all started in 2016 when the pair were hanging on the front porch, talking about the variety of iconic New Orleans festivals.  Jules thought, "Why isn't there something like that for mac n' cheese?"  Kent, being an entrepreneur and a man always open to a good party, responded with, "There should be - let's do it!!"

The first NOLA Mac n' Cheese Fest was held on October 21, 2017 and has since come to be a notable weekend on the New Orleans event calendar!  The festival is free and open to all.  It hosts live music, an artist market, and food and drinks are available (for purchase using food/drink tickets).

Also this year, while we're excited to be planning to expand and grow with the enthusiasm of our past attendees, our Krewe was saddened with the passing of our co-founder.  Kent Broussard was a joy to all who met him and the powerhouse leading our team.  It is hard to produce this event without him and we are doing it this round in his honor!

OUR MISSION is to support the youth of New Orleans in any way we can.  Each year we've connected our profits with a different organization!

Mac n' Cheese Fest 2017 Logo-01.png
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